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CN-104898506-A: Control apparatus, system and method of miniaturized intelligent greenhouse patent, CN-104900869-A: Preparation method of carbon-coated nickel-cobalt-aluminum ternary positive electrode material patent, CN-104907658-A: 一种空气净化器蜂巢网的焊接方法 patent, CN-104908908-A: 一种自助呼吸充气式救生衣 patent, CN-104929989-A: 一种卫生间主动废排降噪装置 patent, CN-104930676-A: Household air conditioning heat recovery energy saving device having PVT system patent, CN-104932856-A: 车载终端 patent, CN-104936630-A: 具有介质分隔装置的吸乳护罩单元 patent, CN-104938160-A: Cotton stalk shredding and returning machine patent, CN-104947363-A: After-finishing process for tencel/cotton fabric patent, CN-104948549-A: POCT chip product fast flexible bonding sealing machine patent, CN-104975407-A: Newdal and silk fiber denim and production process thereof patent, CN-104987631-A: Method for preparing fluorescent polymer with poly(vinylidene fluoride-chlorotrifluoroethylene) patent, CN-104990348-A: 一种用于冰箱的箱壳内部拐角处的拐角紧固件 patent, CN-104998971-A: C形截面的条状工件切断装置和弯曲模具 patent, CN-105004798-A: Intelligent signal amplification apparatus and method for foundation piles ultrasonic testing equipment patent, CN-105010977-A: Preparation method of nutrition formulation millet powder for old and middle-aged people patent, CN-105015609-A: 一种具有可指向功能的防酒驾转向盘 patent, CN-105015993-A: Logistics tower double-layer round inner rotary storage rack patent, CN-105017871-A: 一种防紫外线外墙涂料及其制备方法 patent, CN-105021518-A: Method for quickly evaluating tolerance of plants to heavy metal patent, CN-105026213-A: 窗框架 patent, CN-105038113-A: 一种耐热导热防撕裂电缆 patent, CN-105052584-A: Multifactor adjustable intelligent plant culturing box and control method thereof patent, CN-105056787-A: Mixer patent, CN-105080652-A: 一种便于检修的玉米粉碎机 patent, CN-105105730-A: 一种电子设备和监控方法 patent, CN-105108871-A: Heat-resistant bamboo fiber board modified by waste tyre rubber powder and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105116481-A: 一种陷光滤波器及其制备方法 patent, CN-105120346-A: 一种电视互动系统的互动接入方法 patent, CN-105122272-A: Automatic curation of digital images patent, CN-105127630-A: Jig for assisting adjustment of multiple pressure heads in welding equipment and application method of jig patent, CN-105128732-A: Backlight adjusting system and method for automobile patent, CN-105144597-A: 一种近距离终端识别方法、装置及设备 patent, CN-105147424-A: Novel vascular stent patent, CN-105154890-A: Protection method for corroded still kettle patent, CN-105173910-A: Copper wire take-up and braiding device patent, CN-105179314-A: 一种新型轴流风机静叶调节系统 patent, CN-105200882-A: Connecting structure for greening floor tiles patent, CN-105210736-A: 一种精胺诱导处理提高水稻抗白叶枯病和抗稻瘟病的方法 patent, CN-105222680-A: Automobile shift pendulum rod wavelike surface and ball head position detection device patent, CN-105228793-A: Positive feed tool with interchangeable gears to adjust a feed rate patent, CN-105230221-A: 一种花生收获装置 patent, CN-105234565-A: 电子设备外壳的孔加工方法及电子设备 patent, CN-105242605-A: Vehicle internet terminal and configuration method for the same patent, CN-105246534-A: Actuator for an inhaler patent, CN-105249893-A: Air-purifying vacuum cleaner filter element patent, CN-105251235-A: Double-herringbone internal component in nylon 6 extracting tower patent, CN-105252056-A: 卧式铣床的铣刀组件 patent, CN-105254989-A: 一种抗电击穿永久抗静电型滚塑成型用聚乙烯复合材料 patent, CN-105259723-A: Array substrate for liquid crystal display panel and manufacture method thereof patent, CN-105268241-A: Filtering membrane cleaning devices and filtering membrane cleaning method patent, CN-105274258-A: 用于检测辣椒斑驳病毒的引物组合物及其应用、由其组成的试剂盒及试剂盒的应用 patent, CN-105275750-A: Detection control method for variable-pitch batteries of variable-pitch wind power generators patent, CN-105276814-A: Novel dust-removal tubular efficient heating furnace patent, CN-105277495-A: Method for monitoring and acquiring evaporation characteristics of fog droplets on leaf surfaces in time sequence mode patent, CN-105286930-A: 一种符合人体力学的可调节宽度、深度的手术拉钩 patent, CN-105298417-A: 一种旋挖钻机配气和排渣钻杆系统 patent, CN-105300021-A: Slide rail gear cable arrangement mechanism patent, CN-105301165-A: Donkey characteristic polypeptide and application thereof to detection on donkey skin derived ingredients patent, CN-105301971-A: Method and system of controlling smart device on the basis of image recognition patent, CN-105302298-A: 空中书写断笔系统和方法 patent, CN-105308253-A: Spacer for triple glazings patent, CN-105314740-A: 零排放污水处理系统及处理方法 patent, CN-105318500-A: Building energy resource control and subentry metering system patent, CN-105318572-A: Modularized solar water heater and solar water heater array formed by same patent, CN-105327800-A: 一种可调节流量的节能喷雨器 patent, CN-105341968-A: Heat preservation type feed processing device in flowing, circulating and cutting manner patent, CN-105344300-A: 一种原料循环混合型反应釜 patent, CN-105345527-A: V-shaped part drilling tool with ultrasonic testing function patent, CN-105345853-A: 斜切机 patent, CN-105352230-A: Fin type micro channel condenser patent, CN-105366287-A: Armored face conveyor extendable at head gate end patent, CN-105386373-A: Fork poking device between joint-type magnetic levitation turnout movable beams patent, CN-105391210-A: Inner rotor motor patent, CN-105399316-A: High-quality thin-sheet float glass annealing kiln patent, CN-105401955-A: Seepage-proofing bearing structure of soft soil pressure tunnel patent, CN-105403029-A: Conveying device for paper tube drying box patent, CN-105405701-A: Multi-directional input device patent, CN-105406327-A: Product plugging and unplugging device patent, CN-105406668-A: Disk type generator capable of changing power patent, CN-105408307-A: 作为胶凝添加剂的基于己内酰胺的脂肪酰胺 patent, CN-105413484-A: Diatomite-based low-cost ecological environment-friendly type flat ceramic membrane and preparation method thereof patent, CN-105414024-A: 一种手动粮食除潮分选装置 patent, CN-105416583-A: 水空两栖太阳能动力飞船 patent, CN-105431995-A: 充电控制装置 patent, CN-105445721-A: 基于带特征突起v型标定物的激光雷达与摄像机联合标定方法 patent, CN-105458390-A: 一种冷切割装置 patent, CN-105459001-A: 一种自动锁螺丝装置 patent, CN-105465658-A: 可调节距离式灯具 patent, CN-105481038-A: Capsule cylindrical microwave flash evaporation device used for heavy metal wastewater treatment patent, CN-105485225-A: Braking device for high-speed train patent, CN-105493943-A: 一种康乃馨育苗用苗床土及其制备方法 patent, CN-105496627-A: 一种小儿睡袋式手术约束带 patent, CN-105499782-A: Horizontal ultrasonic welding machine patent, CN-105523152-A: Residential area inside ladder making method patent, CN-105525539-A: 板式道床内置调整器 patent, CN-105525630-A: Trimming and welding method for HDPE membrane for high-curvature side slope patent, CN-105543032-A: 一种利用混菌发酵酿制梨酒的方法 patent, CN-105544742-A: 装配式圆钢管混凝土异形柱边柱节点连接结构及其施工方法 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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